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Dental Savings Plans For Couples

Smiling couple

Nothing says love like sharing a Dental Savings Plan.

Ready to take your relationship to the next level? Save 25-85% on a double date with the dentist – whether you’re due for a cleaning, need a cavity filled, or it’s time for other routine care or unplanned procedures. It may not be a candlelit dinner, but maintaining your oral health together will help keep that flame alive.

Have kids? Check out our Family plans.

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Planning a Trip Within the USA?

Take your plan with you! There are thousands of participating dental providers to choose from nationwide!

Pick a plan. Start saving. Simple as that.



Couple Plan





Couple Plan




Couple Plan



On a Budget

Unplanned dental and healthcare-related costs can completely throw off your budget. A Patriot Health Savings Plan with pre-defined costs on dental, vision, prescriptions and more can help you be prepared for even the unexpected.

No Insurance

Dental and healthcare-related costs without insurance can be extremely expensive. A Patriot Health Plan can help you save on common care and procedures at participating dentists.

Maxed Insurance

Many insurance plans have calendar year maximums, which can leave you responsible for paying full dental and healthcare-related costs when you need cost assistance the most.

Separate Plans

Paying for two separate premiums, on top of copays and other associated fees can add up. A single monthly payment and pre-negotiated rates can keep costs down.