Five Reasons to Do Regular Dental Check-ups

Dentist checking x-ray image while woman recieves a dental treatment

Some people hate them, some people don’t mind them, but everyone needs them. Going to your dentist on a regular basis for check-ups keeps you and your smile healthy. It also saves you from urgent and often painful treatments.

Here are five real reasons why regular dental check-ups should stay on your to-do list:

1. Dental hygiene and health

When you attend your regular dental check-up, your teeth are professionally cleaned. This prevents tooth decay and gum disease by removing any plaque and tartar that may be present. If you struggle with chronic conditions, such as bad breath, your dentist may be able to help identify the specific cause and offer suggestions to resolve.

2. Cavity checks

These checks help prevent unwanted toothaches, infections and extractions. If a cavity is left untreated, cavities can cause significant pain and discomfort, and may lead to much larger dental care procedures and expenses.

3. Early detection and prevention

Dentists are able to identify issues that you can’t see by just looking at your teeth in the mirror. X-rays can show your dentist if there have been any changes in your tissues, gums and teeth – which may reveal opportunities for early treatment to prevent future issues.

4. Mouth cancer screening

Screening for mouth cancer is one of the most important parts of your dental check-ups. Early detection may allow for the identification and prevention of bigger long-term problems.

5. Expert advice and guidance

It’s easy to go to Google when you have a question about your dental health, however, your best bet is ALWAYS asking a professional. Your regular dental check-up is the perfect time to ask your dentist any questions you may have about your oral health or preventative care.

Go ahead, schedule that dental check-up and save with a Dental Savings Plan that offers one low price for your routine annual dental visit including exams, X-Rays, and cleanings†.