Does my child really need braces? Here’s what you need to know.

Child Need Braces

Many parents at some point ask themselves this question: should I get my child braces? While you may have concerns about their comfort or costs, there are many benefits to braces and ways to save with a Patriot Health Dental Plan nationwide.

Signs your child may need braces

  • Difficulty chewing or digesting food
  • Teeth grinding
  • Oral habits such as sucking fingers
  • Teeth that are crowded, blocked, or misplaced
  • Loosing baby teeth too early or late
  • Breathing through your mouth or snoring

Benefits of braces

Orthodontists and dentists have many reasons for recommending braces that go beyond just straightening teeth. Here are a few additional benefits of braces that can help improve overall health.

  • Support clearer speech – Teeth play a crucial role in the pronunciation of words and without properly positioned teeth, speech can be negatively impacted. By getting braces to realign and position the jaw and teeth, words can be pronounced more clearly, and it even gives the tongue more room to reduce slurring of words.
  • Protection from bone erosion – Misaligned teeth are a top contributor to jawbone erosion because of the added force placed on teeth and gums. Increased spaces are also more likely to get bacteria trapped and ultimately affect the bone. Braces reduce the risk of bone erosion by eliminating gaps where bacteria can hide.
  • Enhanced self-esteem – It may not be an immediate benefit of braces that comes to mind, but braces can help boost mental health. People with crooked teeth aren’t as comfortable showing off their smile, but by correcting these physical flaws, self-confidence can improve.
  • Aid in better digestion – Teeth are an important part in the digestive process, as they break down our food into smaller pieces that allow us to digest easily. With misaligned teeth, chewing into small bites and breaking down food can be challenging- leading to difficulty digesting and even intestinal distress. Braces realign the teeth which allows food to be chewed and fully digested properly.
  • Improved comfort – If your teeth are misaligned there is an increased opportunity for general pain as well as biting your tongue and gums. Braces realign everything into a more comfortable position that reduces strain in the jaw and the likelihood of biting your tongue or gums.

Oral care is crucial to your child’s overall health and with some orthodontic issues, it may be easier to improve the earlier it is treated. Consider the dental and health benefits listed above and brace yourself for a smile your child can’t wait to show off.

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