The importance of dental care for seniors.

Dental Care Seniors

Losing teeth is just part of the aging process, right? Wrong! As we get older and into our senior years, many people assume it is natural to lose teeth, but taking oral care seriously will keep you smiling from ear to ear. Although routine senior dental care isn’t covered by Medicare Dental Plans, Patriot Health is here to help fill in for insurance with our affordable dental savings plans that save you 25-85% on dental care nationwide. Dive into the importance of dental care for seniors and learn how to prevent teeth from decaying over time.

How age affects dental health

  • Naturally, gum tissue recedes with age.
  • As we age, our teeth become less sensitive which reduces our ability to detect pain until issues are much more complex.
  • From the wear and tear throughout the years, layers of tooth enamel naturally begin to deteriorate.
  • Older adults are less likely to keep up with regular dental cleanings.
  • There may be an increased difficulty in brushing and flossing due to medical conditions like arthritis that affect the hands.
  • Certain medications that older adults commonly take can cause dry mouth and lead to increased bacteria.

Common dental issues for seniors & why dental care is important

  • Tooth decay – Seniors are at a higher risk for plaque build-up and cavities due to dry mouth from specific medications that are commonly taken. Saliva protects your teeth and reduces bacteria that is harmful to the tooth enamel. Dry mouth reduces the production of saliva causing bacteria and plaque to form more easily.
  • Gum disease – Poor dental hygiene due to other health conditions caused by age can lead to gum disease. Making sure oral health is a top priority and attending regular dental cleanings can prevent gum disease.
  • Tooth loss – Conditions like tooth decay, gum disease, root decay, etc can lead to tooth loss. Ultimately, loosing teeth can have a larger effect on senior nutrition because it becomes more difficult to chew certain foods.
  • Heart disease – Gum disease and the bacteria that causes this issue can have an impact on your overall health. The bacteria can move from the gum tissue to other parts of the body through the bloodstream and ultimately contribute to cardiovascular disease.
  • Diabetes – Too much sugar in saliva can aid in the growth of bacteria, therefore people with poor blood sugar control are more susceptible to gum disease and inflammation.

Even as you age, taking care of your teeth is just as important to keep a well-rounded, healthy life. At Patriot Health, we are rooting for you and your oral hygiene. From root canals to crowns and routine cleanings, we offer so many ways to save on dental services so you can always make oral health a top priority-- your teeth and smile will thank you later.

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