What happens if you max out your dental insurance coverage?

Dental artificial jaw with instruments and one hundred dollar bills on dentist tray

Long story short, when you hit your allotted coverage on your dental insurance, your insurance company will no longer pay out for any care during the duration of your coverage period, and you are responsible for all costs until the next plan year begins. So pretty much when you need that coverage the most (aka: when you have expensive dental care costs and expenses), your insurance company can deny you coverage.

Whether you got here out of pure curiosity or you’re in need of some Dental Savings, read on to learn what to do if you max out your dental insurance coverage.

Plan ahead for dental care costs, if possible

Your coverage max will often be tied to plan activation or open enrollment. So, if your plan becomes active in January, and you have some large dental care costs in February and March, you may be out of coverage until the start of the next new year. If you know that you’re going to be in need of several high-cost dental procedures, you could see if it is possible to spread them out over the course of a few months that perhaps overlap with your renewal period. This way you can benefit from coverage in both calendar or plan years.

Sign up for supplemental dental insurance

By definition, supplemental dental insurance is coverage that you can purchase directly from your medical insurance provider to help cover dental care costs. Supplemental insurance plans may cover dental costs that your dental insurance does not. Another alternative approach could be signing up for multiple dental insurance plans if you have the option, for example, if both you and your spouse have employer-provided benefits.

Your dentist might be able to offer in-network discounts

Often times dental providers have arrangements with insurance companies to offer you a slightly discounted price on dental care costs if a procedure is not covered or you hit your maximum. Some dentists may even offer you personal discounts or payment plans to minimize the financial impact of high-cost dental care and procedures.

You can sign up for a Dental Discount Plan to save money

A Dental Savings Plan can offer you valuable savings on dental care costs, from braces and root canals to crowns and cleanings. With plans for individuals, couples and families, Patriot Health offers dental savings that fit your unique lifestyle.